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Protecting your PC


1) Antivirus - keep the virus definitions up-to-date. Run antivirus scan at least once a week.


2) Anti-Spy Ware - keep anti-spy ware programs up to date.  Run scans at least once a week.


3) Windows update- to have your PC checked for updates, click Start, click programs, and choose Windows update.  This will take you to the Microsoft site.  Follow the instructions to check for updates and apply them if needed.


4) Pop-Up Blocker - Your Browser (Internet Explorer) is now set up to block pop-ups.  Sometimes an informational pop up is desirable.  To change the pop up settings, when you are in Internet Explorer go to the overhead menu and click on tools and then popup blocker. Then choose the setting you would like.


5) Firewall - Your Firewall controls and monitors your Internet access.  Each time your PC requests access to the Internet (inbound or outbound) the firewall will display a pop up to notify you of the request.

            a) If you have just requested information from the Internet, click – Allow, to tell the firewall that it is okay to access the Internet for this request.

            b) Sometimes one of your programs will request information from the Internet, usually this is a request for updated information.  If this happens, and you know the program is a legitimate one, click - Allow and also check the box that says always allow this.

            c) If the pop up from the firewall displays a request for information that you are not at all familiar with and you did not just request it, you probably want to click - Deny, since this may be an Internet session that can be damaging to your system.  You can also check the request more information box to help you make this determination.


After awhile, the firewall will know what to allow and what not to allow and you will not see many firewall pop up displays.  For more information on firewalls, please read the tutorial for the firewall.