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Data Backup

We are now installing a super smart and superbly easy to use automated backup system. Customers, who we have installed it for, love it!

It works by itself to backup all new documents, photos, music etc.

You will now have a second copy of all your important files on an included external hard drive.

Backup has become Easy and Automatic.

Perfect for home or business use                                                                                     

INSTANT SUCCESS! We install it - you reap immediate benefits.

The system is in use by the following companies (a partial listing):

Abbot laboratories, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Intel Corp., Nortel Networks, Sprint and the US patent and trademark office.

If you have valuable data on your computer, I urge you to have us install this reasonably priced backup system now. In the course

 of my daily work, I have seen too many hard drives fail and too much data lost from other causes.

 Enough said - Call us we'll get it done for you now! You'll be glad you did.

Large Capacity External Hard Drive Included in your Installation