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Fast Internet address entry

When typing an Internet address such as http://www.something.com, you may use a great shortcut to save your fingers' some extra work. Just type in the something, then press the CTRL key and Enter Key at the same time. Voila’ it adds the http://www and the .com. This will save you approximately 1, 233,010 keystrokes per year

Did you ever want to print out a dialog box for future use? Well, here’s how you do it.

When a dialog box is on your screen, press these two keys at the same time: ALT and Print Screen (usually in the upper right hand area of your keyboard). Voila’ nothing happened, right? Well, you just took a picture of your dialog box and copied it into your clipboard for pasting. Now all you have to do is open a program like Microsoft Word and Paste it in. Click the Edit menu, select Paste. TaDaa! And if you want your entire screen from corner to corner captured, just press the Print Screen button alone and it is captured into your Windows clipboard ready for pasting.